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  • The percentage of workers who are confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement is essentially unchanged from the record lows of 2011, according to the 2013 Retirement Confidence Survey.

    If you are among those who question the resources you have for retirement, why not talk to us? We’ll evaluate your financial condition and recommend a path to achieve your goals and calm your fear of uncertainty.

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  • The markets are like calm seas now but if volatility picks up in the future, will you be able to assess your risks and objectively chose the path that leads to a safe harbor?

    Let us evaluate your current portfolio before the markets turn turbulent. We can recommend the ideal mix of assets and style that will guide you through the difficult times that may lie ahead.

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  • Financial planning is about preparing your lives for the future, whether it’s about retirement, college, or individual goals. Planning provides choices and allows freedom, but it needs to be done as early as possible so that the miracle of compounding can work its magic.

    Schedule a complimentary 90-minute interview to see where you are on your voyage to achieving your goals. We provide both simple and comprehensive financial plans that include small and large accounts, any level of sophistication and all aspects of your life.

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  • More than 7 out of 10 investors said that volatility has damaged their confidence in the markets, according to a recent survey. 2013 is the fourth year of an advancing market, are you prepared for the turbulent times that likely lie ahead.

    Spinnaker designs, constructs, and manages portfolios that can withstand the turbulent financial conditions that occur around us today. Call us to discuss how your investments may be re-configured to navigate the difficult times

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  • Many experts are questioning the longevity of the stock market going into the second half of 2013 and the uncertainty that foreign currency policies are having on our economy. Are you secure in your ability to evaluate today’s complex situations and chose a successful path through them?

    With over 35 years of experience in successfully managing client portfolios, we are confident, informed, and possess the credentials necessary to assist you in achieving your investment objectives regardless of the challenging environment ahead. Call us for an appointment to discuss your particular needs and conditions.

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At Spinnaker Asset Management, we're a little different than most of the firms you may know.

First, you don't need millions of dollars to invest to be our customer. We help people of all income levels because no matter where you are in your plan for financial independence, you still need to protect what you have accumulated today.

Secondly, we are a fee-only adviser.

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