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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide investment management services to clients desiring a discretionary advisory relationship. It is our purpose to serve our clients in a manner that we, ourselves, would like to be served and to promote trust. Custody of client assets, asset movement, account statements is provided by a firm that is separate and apart from Spinnaker Asset Management Inc.

Our interest, and our promise, is to articulate investment strategies in a clear and concise way. Our management philosophy applies to all individuals and corporate retirement plans; from the successful business executive, to the creative entrepreneur, and especially toward those who seek independent-­minded, contrarian oriented investment managers.

Who We Are

Spinnaker Asset Management Inc. is a registered investment advisor whose purpose is to actively manage client investible assets. Spinnaker manages these resources by directing client assets into positions similar to those contained within a narrowly defined model portfolio whose investment objectives are compatible with the client. Model portfolio composition and content are periodically adjusted according to market conditions as expressed by economic trends, market/sector/group valuation, individual issue fundamental metrics, and various technical measures of price and volume trends.


As a registered investment advisor, Spinnaker Asset Management Inc, is required to provide our ADV Forms 2A & B, and the most recent ADV Form 3, CRS.

These disclosures provide important information that describes how our firm operates, what limitations there may be, and relevant background information on the principals and employees of the firm. Additionally Form CRS provides answers to some questions that may be relevant to your specific situation. Please access these forms from the following links.


Ronald W. Kent, Jr.

Ronald W. Kent, Jr.

Principal Adviser

Ron’s many years of experience insures that your investments will be managed with the highest level of professionalism.

In September of 2008, with over 25 years of experience helping clients to realize the full potential of their investments, Ron Kent formed Spinnaker Asset Management. Ron’s goal is to advise investors on how to navigate the turbulent waters of the current financial conditions. A registered investment adviser, Ron works to meet the needs of clients who are looking for a direct but prudent management style to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Ron manages client accounts on a discretionary basis with the objective of achieving above market returns with lower than historic volatility. During his career as a research analyst providing equity and fixed income strategies to institutions in the United States and in Europe, Ron developed a number of techniques to achieve these results.

Communication is the key to maintaining client awareness and managing expectations. As a client of Spinnaker Asset Management, you will receive a continuous stream of communication via email and printed newsletter. Ron’s goal is to educate the client on current financial matters and the rationale behind the latest investment strategies. Ron maintains an active association with institutional research and management professionals whose alternate viewpoints add value to and enhance strategies used within Spinnaker to benefit their clients. The important distinction of integrating as much available knowledge and opinion together to develop an informed opinion of current market conditions and the probability of future events and their impact on financial markets is what sets Ron apart from many of the financial advisers today. His desire to utilize all of the tools available to him in creating strategies and managing investments is of great benefit to his clients.

Prior to the formation of Spinnaker Asset Management, Ron helped to form GlobalEquity Advisors, LLC (November 2005). He managed Global’s accounts with the firm’s guiding principal in mind, to accomplish the investment goals of growth, income and balanced returns.

Ron provided insight and advice in his capacity as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley and at Advest, Inc. (September 2001-November 2005). During this time, he maintained the fundamental and technical tools of the trade as he transitioned from institutional research to retail representation. During this period he was successful in guiding his clients through the uncertainty of the financial markets following the events of September 2001.

Prior to this, Ron served as Senior Vice President of Institutional Research for Dominick & Dominick, Inc., a small institutional research and trading boutique located in New York City. He was responsible for analyzing and correlating economic, monetary, fundamental and technical data in order to communicate market strategy advice to institutional clients around the U.S. and Europe. Ron’s work in primary market trend analysis and equity strategy identified major turning points in the stock market allowing clients to implement profitable strategies appropriate to the market conditions. Interest rate probability analysis and Treasury Bill and Bond trend indices were formulated to accurately identify reversals in the government fixed income market in order to support bond fund managers. Ron published the Kent Industry Report from 1986 through 2001 and his Fixed Income Report, first introduced in 1994, continued distribution through 2001.

In the early days of Ron’s career, Ron worked at Tucker Anthony & R. L. Day Inc. in New York City, Philadelphia, and finally in Providence, Rhode Island where he provided brokerage representation for individual and small institutional clients. It was here that he built the foundation of his experience in financial planning. Ron also spent a brief period trading on their municipal bond trading desk as well as providing initial analysis on utilities for the firm’s research efforts.

Lisa Picillo, MBA, CFP®

Lisa Picillo, MBA, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner

Lisa joined Spinnaker Asset Management in November 2019 as a Financial Advisor. She graduated from Rhode Island College in 1998 with a Bachelor’s in Communications. She recently earned a Master’s degree in Business from Bryant University in March of 2024. Shortly after graduation from Rhode Island College, Lisa began her career in financial services at Fleet Bank as a retail customer service representative. In 2004, after the Fleet and Bank of America merger, she continued her career with Bank of America and took on other roles including consumer loans, technical support, branch support and business analyst. In 2007, while expecting her twin girls, Lisa had the opportunity to obtain her Series 7. Upon obtaining her license she began a position as an investment advisor representative with Banc of America Investments. Shortly after the birth of her daughters, Lisa accepted a position as a trader at Fidelity Investments. She held the role for 2 years before transitioning to a Client Manager within the Institutional Wealth Management Group, which she held until 2018. Lisa spent one year as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch before joining Spinnaker.

Lisa works with individuals, families and small business owners to help them take the complexities out of their finances. She understands that clients have different lifestyles, priorities, values and goals. Working with clients, her focus is on developing suitable financial strategies to achieve both short and long- term goals that matter most to them.

Lisa believes strongly in giving back and helping others. She enjoys spending time volunteering in local schools and various non-profit organizations.

In addition to holding a series 7, she holds series 66 and RI life & Health.

Lisa is married with 3 children and lives in North Smithfield, RI.