Financial Planning

Financial planning is the exercise that determines whether you have set attainable goals for yourself or your family with regard to retirement, education, business or other specific objectives and articulates a reasonable plan to achieve them.

This exercise may be as simple as

  • determining your current financial condition and discovering a path that leads toward achieving a specific (retirement or educational) goal; or
  • as comprehensive as developing a plan to include all aspects of your family’s current finances, how to organize them to reach a future financial objective that maximizes estate assets and/or provides for the desired business succession outcome.

Financial planning is often integrated into an estate plan whereby conservation of an estate, minimization of tax burden, maximization of charitable contributions and other philanthropic goals are met. This often requires the cooperation of all clients involved, investment advisors and estate/trust attorneys to produce an often complex plan that accomplishes the desired results. We offer these services to all clients as requested.

Whether you are seeking a simple financial snapshot or would like to produce a comprehensive financial/estate plan, we invite you to take advantage of our free 90-minute consultation which will help you focus and develop a plan to achieve your objectives.

Click here to open a questionnaire that lists the information needed to develop a full financial plan. You may also click in the box located on this page to send us your request for a free consultation to review your current financial condition and develop a plan if desired. Thank you for taking time to review our website….we are here as a resource for you to utilize.

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